Are there still new ways to see Nature?

Abstract of leaves Image #050408-111

There is arguably no subject that has been photographed more than nature. The question remains, with all of the millions of nature images that have already been created, is it possible to make an image of nature that is refreshing and new and yet still appeals to our desire for art and beauty? The answer to that question has been part of the motivation I feel to keep returning to the wilderness in search of new ways to see the natural world. For me the real joy and challenge of my journey as a fine art nature photographer has always been the never ending discovery of new ways to reveal the beauty of Nature. To see in a new way and to share that vision in a way that uplifts and inspires people, that is my mission.

About Byron Jorjorian

Fine art nature photographer - loves life and having an office in the outdoors! Loves nature, art, photography & my family. Over 22,000 prints installed worldwide. More than 12,000 photographs published in books magazines and other print media
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2 Responses to Are there still new ways to see Nature?

  1. Karen Harris says:

    I recently came across your site making sure i spelled “cypress” correctly, oddly enough. I was so inspired by your work and your words of wisdom that I decided to drop you a line to let you know and to subscribe for future postings. I am an architect and designer and amateur photographer. Love your “up close and personal” focal length. I will visit your site often.


    • admin says:

      Thanks, for the kind words! Sorry for my delay in responding I have been working on a couple of large projects that I will be posting about soon.


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