What is "Wabi-Sabi" ?

This increasingly popular Eastern aesthetic philosophy guided my work even before I understood what the term meant.

As it pertains to my work, “wabi-sabi” is best defined as an artistic technique that provides deeper insight into Nature by finding beauty in impermanence and imperfection.
I sort of stumbled into this approach intuitively.

My art has always centered around finding the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary. Even before I understood what wabi-sabi was, my work seemed to celebrate taking the most humble things in nature, a leaf, a rock, a fallen log, a spider web, etc. and celebrating the beauty that they contain.

Of course, the best way to understand wabi-sabi is to experience it up close and in detail. Designing with this simple and uncluttered aesthetic is a perfect way to enhance the mood in any environment.

Click HERE to view a special selection of my “wabi-sabi” photographs.

About Byron Jorjorian

Fine art nature photographer - loves life and having an office in the outdoors! Loves nature, art, photography & my family. Over 22,000 prints installed worldwide. More than 12,000 photographs published in books magazines and other print media
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