Sharing and Art Creation

Stream of Boulders Image  #100708-294

One of my primary motivations, as a photographic artist is to share the beauty I find in nature. It is interesting, that even with sharing as one of the goals, the actual creation of my art is ultimately a solitary pursuit….

“A Stream of Boulders” Image #100708-294

All Photos  © Byron Jorjorian

About Byron Jorjorian

Fine art nature photographer - loves life and having an office in the outdoors! Loves nature, art, photography & my family. Over 22,000 prints installed worldwide. More than 12,000 photographs published in books magazines and other print media
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4 Responses to Sharing and Art Creation

  1. Hi Byron! Where was this taken? It’s very beautiful and reflective.


  2. Inese Poga Art Gallery says:

    Beautiful scene and excellent capture. Colors are just what they need to be. I also like that you haven’t overworked the image. I’ve sometimes seen nice scenes, but they were edited so much, that nothing natural was left. It probably takes a while to find such a spot.


  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I was a long time film shooter before the digital revolution and as such I work hard to get the image right in the camera. I shot color transparencies for publication back in the day and transparency film is even more unforgiving of exposure errors than negative films were. That discipline has carried over into my digital photographs which are virtually as shot right out of the camera. Besides, I love spending the time in the outdoors creating the image far more than time spent in front of the computer. I don’t have anything against those who like to heavily manipulate their images it is just not something I want to spend my time on.


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